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The Stick Trip... Broomcorn Meets Diamond Willow

A tool this pretty and graceful surely takes the work from a task that otherwise lacks prestige.

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The Real Reason We Just Love Making Brooms

The birds love it there in the spring.  Trout rise on the water.  Lily pads hover around the margins of the marsh.  And then the wild rhododendron blossoms pop open....

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Vintage Dust Pans... Scoop It Up with Soul!

We thought about making dust pans in our shop for a long time.  If someone has a broom, naturally they might need a dust pan to go along with it.  They had...

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Corn Knife - The Sharpest Tool in the Broom Shop

In the broom shop, there is a whole lot of cutting going on.  One guy building brooms can make a mess in a hurry.  We trim handfuls of broomcorn as...

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